Great Basin Forensics
Remote Forensics

What is Remote Forensics?
Remote Forensics is the specialty of Great Basin Forensics, which provides a hardware and software based remote forensic image examination system for questioned documents such as currency, credit cards, passports or any type of personal identification.

Remote Forensics combines any document image source and the Remote Forensics web application to create a forensic document examination tool where images of identity and financial documents can be submitted, viewed, compared, shared and examined locally or at one or more remote locations.

You can view some example images, without needing an account.
Please visit our YouTube Channel for visual demos.

Imaging API

The Remote Forensics web application has a comprehensive API that allows a high resolution imaging device to create submissions, add images and optionally set an image access password. You can also provide image meta data such as lighting type, location and description.

The TrueImage M1000 is an example of a high resolution imaging device that can be tightly coupled to the Remote Forensics system via the API.

Deep Zoom

Deep Zoom technology provides the ability to easily handle very large, high resolution forensic quality images.

Document images can be uploaded directly from an imaging device via the API or from the website file submission page. The images can then be displayed very quickly on desktop or mobile devices and zoomed up to full resolution with little to no latency.

Image Comparison

It's easy to display document images side by side for forensic examination. Zooming or panning one image performs the same operation on the other image for ease of use.

OVD Examination

Optically Variable Devices can be illuminated using UV or white light from many different angles and directions if your imaging device supports that type of illumination.