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Remote Forensics

Remote Forensics

Remote Forensics is the specialty of Great Basin Forensics where images of identity and financial documents (but not limited too) can be submitted from a remote location and viewed and examined at multiple locations.

Remote Forensics has the capability of easily handling very large, high resolution forensic quality images in a simple Submission.

Submissions are the cornerstone of the Remote Forensics technology where users can View, Share, Edit and Delete Submissions. Sharing enables the owner of a Submission to share the Submission with other users via an email notification. All parties in a Shared Submission can view the images and annotate the Submission Notes.

Remote Forensics uses Deep Zoom technology to view the images in a Submission at high quality without downloading the entire image. Panning and zooming has the sensation that the images are local while using very little bandwidth.

Putting it all together, Remote Forensics is an application that allows users to quickly, accurately and conveniently distribute images and information pertaining to but not limited to identity and financial documents.